A2Hosting Review Complete Unbiased Analysis (+Speed Test) 2021


A2Hosting is one of the fastest-growing hosting providers. A2hosting was founded in 2003 in the US. They are providing shared, VPS, Managed VPS, Cloud, and reseller hosting.

They claim their turbo drives bring 20X speed more than the competitors.

Their Starting WordPress hosting price is 2.99USD for a 3 Year Hosting. For a single year hosting prices are starting from 6.99USD




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A2Hosting Review

A2Hosting Review

Money Back Guarantee

A2Hosting provides 30 days money back up if you are not satisfied with the service. After 30 Days, they do 30 days of cashback, but it’s not an easy process.

Anytime money guarantee is not like you can cancel without reason. You need to prove their hosting service is not suitable for your website, then only you will get the refund.

For a valid reason, you will get refund based on a prorated basis.

As usual, you can’t get a refund for migration, setup, domain registration. This process is standard in most hosting providers.

Renewal Plans

If you are renewing the plan that you bought for 13USD Per month, then you need to pay 19USD per month during renewal. Renewal cost is increasing nearly 68% that is relatively high.

A renewal charge should not be considered for a new site. Initially, we don’t have a profit or any income. When the site grows, revenue grows, then we can renew it.

You have to inform the a2Hosting team before 15 days to cancel your renewals, or it will be charged from your CC. In this case, you will not get any refund.

311/24=13 | 479/24=20

A2Hosting Review Renewal Plans

I recommend getting 2 Year or 3 Year Plan so you can save lot of money.

Size and Inodes

Based on your hosting plan, your size will differ. Starting from 10GB to Unlimited SSD size, you will get. All the hosting that says unlimited really, it’s not unlimited.

You may surprise then; what is that?

The size is unlimited, but the inode count is six lakhs only. So, you can keep only six lakh files, including all WordPress setup cache and email.

A2Hosting Add on Domains

You can add one site to unlimited domains based on your hosting plan. I have added upto 15 places for testing purposes and no issues.

We have cpanel, so adding a new domain is easy and straightforward.

They provide a unique feature that you don’t require to update your nameservers. After migrating your site, you can check in a temporary URL. If any config issues or any other you can fix, then you update the nameservers.

Updating Nameservers takes some time to reflect. It would be best if you were very careful to avoid traffic loss.

Free Site Migration

A2hosting provides free site migration that helps you to move your site from another hosting provider to A2Hosting.

A2Hosting does free site migration but only one time. If you want to do it for all the sites, they will do it at one shot.

I have done one migration after some days, and I request another migration; they said we need the manual migration, which chargeable of 25USD.

So, I checked with the support team they confirmed they do cPanel to cPanel migration, or if there is no site added in a2hosting, otherwise its chargeable.

Phew, this is not free migration, I would say. Site ground is better in migrating a site. SG has a plugin that will help you to relocate quickly.

a2hosting Free Site Migration

Reseller, VPS, and dedicated server plan have free migration upto 25 sites.

Free SSL certifications

A2Hosting provides free or premium certificates. For personal blogs and affiliate blogs, the free SSL certificate is more than enough.

For ecommerce sites, you need a premium SSL certificate. Premium SSL certificates are chargeable.

A2Hosting email

A2Hosing provides cpanel, so you can easily set up your email. After setup the email, you can use outlook or any third-party providers to connect.

Note: Email considers as size, so keeping more files in your email eats your Inode count.

a2hosting Email Setup

a2hosting Email Setup

  • Go to cPanel in A2Hosting
  • Click Email accounts
  • In Next Window, click Create Button
  • Select your domain
  • Now, Select your username and password
  • Based on your requirement, update the size or select unlimited
  • Final step Click Create


A2hosting offers support 24/7 via phone, email, chat, and support ticket. Chat is one of the favourite options to get support from most people.

a2hosting Support

In A2Hosting, I contacted tech support nearly three times, and all three times, my wait time was more than 20 mins. But one time, even though its 20+ minutes, its connected within 10 minutes.

Compare to their competitors, it’s a little high waiting time. I expect a max of 10mins to get support, but that’s not the case.

A2Hosting Speed Test

Website speed is one of the crucial factors for a website. Few SEO gurus say its very important, and few say it doesn’t matter.

I always recommend having a good speed website. If the website loads in less than 3 seconds, it’s pretty acceptable.

We did a separate speed test in A2Hosting. You can get good speed with a2hosting and WPRocket plugin.

By seeing the above image, you will clearly understand A2Hosting provides good speed for your website. This test was conducted on the small website with 1000 words of content, four pictures, and share icons.

Pulling data from third-party servers like Amazon APIs or any other than speed might reduce your website.

I did a speed test in A2hosting with the various cache plugin, and the results are fascinating. You can check the result here.

Read: A2Hosting Speed with Different Plugins

A2Hosting Speed Test google
A2Hosting Speed Test gtmetrix

Note: This Site has a GeneratePress theme, WPRocket Plugin, and hosted on the A2Hosting Turbo Boost plan.

A2Hosting Uptime

Another important and essential is uptime. A2Hosting provides excellent speed, but if they cannot offer good uptime, then it’s a total waste.

The market standard is 99.94%

A2Hosting Uptime

For the past 12 months, A2Hosting maintain uptime above the market standard. You can see below graph details.


Security is one of the important for a website. Hackers can easily hack your website if there are no security protection in your hosting.

A2hosting comes with HackScan and KernelCare security plans. Hackscan provides 27×7 monitoring services that provide from malware and attacks.

Pros and Cons of A2Hosting

Fastest Speed for the best price.

SSD Storage and uptime above marketing standards

Free Email and SSL certificates

Free cPanel UI.

Support PHP, Python, Nodejs

Support most of the popular CMS sites

No Banned plugins.


High Renewal Rates

Delay Support

No Built-in CDN

Overall Experience

I am using A2Hosting for more than six months, and I didn’t face any significant issues. Website speed is good that we compared with other hosting competitors.

Support was not that much quicker, but during this time, I didn’t find any issues. Apart from migration, I didn’t contact the support.

In other hosting providers like SG gives 400K inodes, but in A2hosting am getting more than 600K inodes, which is excellent.

A2Hosting in Nutshell

Price: Cheapest with outstanding quality and speed.

Renewal: Renewal prices are high, as with other hosting.

Signup: Quick and Easy Signup

Free Site Migration: One or First time after that need to pay 10USD or more.

User Interface: cPanel

Free Features: SSL for all sites, Email, SSH, and FTP access.

CDN: No Built-in CDN. (Free Cloudflare integration)

Speed: LCP 1.1S to 1.3s With WpRocket plugin

Available Apps: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and More.

Supported Languages: PHP7, Python, jQuery, and Node JS

A2Hosting Alternatives

A2Hosting support is excellent, but Siteground and DreamHost provide excellent support.      

Like A2Hosting, WPX, WPEngine SG, DH, and inmotion hosting provides free SSL, unlimited storage, and more advanced WordPress features.

Speed is competitively good in SG, WPX, and WPEngine.


What is a2hosting inode limit?

A2hosting supports 6 Lakh or 600k inodes in shared hosting plans. In VPS plans, it supports upto 2000Kor 20Lakh inodes. In VPS, you can extend the inode count by buying an additional VPS plan.

Does a2Hosting provide free email?

Yes, A2H provides free email so that you can create an unlimited email with your domain name. Few hosting providers like GoDaddy do not offer that feature.

Does CDN support by A2Hosting?

No Built-in CDN in A2Hosting, so we need to use free Cloudflare. They provide a Cloudfare Integration option.


A2Hosting is an excellent place for a beginner to start their or small websites without any issues. It’s a good fit for small and medium business bloggers.

They provide great features like free SSL, backups (in Share hosting), unlimited email accounts, and more.

For larger projects like you need to try VPS hosting but not A2H shared plans.

You will get excellent website speed for less price that’s most required one nowadays. After reading your A2Hosting review Without a second thought, you can go for it.

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