Best Semrush Review With 5 Ultimate Guide


If you want to do keywords research like a pro, you need a tool. In online, there are lots of tools available for free and paid. 

Now you have a question on how to use those tools and which one is better? This guide explains that and an unbiased semrush review.

Tools & Data

Semrush has lots tools like PPC, Topci Research, keyword magic and basic SEO features. Semrush ahs frequently updates their data.

UI and Use

UI is simple and clean, so no need to spend more time to understand.


99.5 USD is not small amount but the tools and data what is provides worth for it. Dont have any coupons. Only Free Trial for 30 days.


For every tools support is the main and Semrush has great support team. In youtube you can see lots of tutorials.

Semrush Definitive Guide 2020

What is Semrush?

Semrush is a website audit tool that helps you do keyword analysis, backlink analysis, and, importantly, useful to spy your competitors. 

Important Features in Semrush

  • Competitive Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Link Building
  • Rank Tracking
  • On-Page and Tech Seo

In this guide, we will see all the Semrush Features.

How to do Keyword Research in Semrush?

Keyword research is one of the important features of semrush. When are you doing copywriting or maintaining niche sites? Keyword research is an essential one. Semrush helps a lot in that.

Before starting keyword research, we should know the user Search intent. In simple words, what is the user need? Is it a product or guide or information or help (free or paid?)

General Types of user Search Intent

  1. Informational
  2. Navigational
  3. Buy Intent (Commercial)
  4. Transactional
  5. Uncommon or Hybrid 

Informational Examples

  • how to create Facebook ads
  • How to use Facebook pixel

Navigational Examples

  • Facebook login
  • Google AdWords

Buy Intent

  • Best laptop for blogging
  • fast wordpress theme


  • Facebook ads display price
  • Good Adwords coupon


  • Dishwashers
  • Amazon

Here I explained the high level. We can see all those things in a different detail post. By seeing the example, you understand a high level. Now let jump into semrush keyword research techniques.

keyword Research in Semrush

Semrush has a separate section called Keyword Research. Here we can input a keyword and analysis and research it.

semrush keyword overview

What research are you going to with the keyword, you may surprise. I will explain the research process. But semrush has lots of features to make our research easy and efficient.

Before launching a product or to invent anything, we need to find the demand and supply. This rule will be applicable in keyword research too. You may ask how now? I will explain, please grab a tea or water and read.

Once you know the search intent, we should know how many people are searching in your country. (This is what I said demand and supply in KW research). If you are spending lots of time, energy to reach more customers or users. If nobody search for that keyword, all your energy and time wasted.

In our research, first comes volume. How many search volume that keyword has? If the volume is ten or less, then there is no meaning in spending lots of energy on that keyword. Search volume is more or high, then its highly competitive keyword.

In the Keyword magic tool, first, enter your keyword in this example, I tried with the “cycling” keyword.

Once you entered the keyword semrush, immediately display the result with lots of details. Let us see one by one here.

In First Tab, you can see all and Questions. Next, Broad Match, Phrase Match, Exact Match, and Related.


Questions in one of the important features, and you should always, I would say. You may ask why? Let me explain.

You know Google now displaying FAQs using structured data. You can find FAQ in search results. You find the keywords in the Questions tab and write a relevant answer. When your site is displaying in the search result, it will improve your CTR.

FAQ structered data

Example: “How can you prevent injury while cycling” You can write an answer for these questions and create FAQ structured data.

semrush keyword magic tool

What is Broad Match?

Broad match gives all broad results to the keyword. But if your keyword is more general, then it will give the more irrelevant result. For example, if you search for cycling, it gives keyword like” what is the carbon cycle.” Which is not irrelevant to our topic. So we can avoid this using a Broad match.

What is the Phrase Match?

Phrase Match gives you a relevant result to your keyword. I suggest you use a phrase match for the keyword to get an efficient result.

What is the Exact Match?

The exact match keeps the order of your keyword. Let take the keyword “Cycling benefits.” Phrase match doesn’t keep the order, and the exact match does.

Phrase Match: benefits of cycling in the gym

Exact match: cycling benefits for ladies

Now it’s very clear about the differences between Phrase vs. exact match.

What is related?

The related keyword is like a similar search result. This keyword search by the user who is search for the inputted keyword.

Example: How biking is good for you?


The filter is one of the important features I use frequently. 

The filter gives the ability to find our need like to find large volume keywords, low competition keywords, and more.

Include the Keyword option help to get the keywords for the specific text and exclude keyword to remove the specific text in the report.

Word Count: it helps you filter keywords based on the word count. For example, if you want to see keywords which is more than 3-word count, then this feature uses for that.

Why do you want to filter with word count? If you want analysis (keyword research), your keyword deeper then word count helps. Mostly single word term and 2 words term are a bit difficult to rank. But 3 keyword and four keyword terms are a bit easy to rank. 

I didn’t say all 3 words, and 4-word terms are easy to rank. You need to do keyword difficulty analysis for the keywords. 

But generally, longtail keywords are easy to rank.

Volume: This filter useful to remove the low volume keywords. For example, If you set the filter from 20, you can ignore all the keywords with a volume of less than 20.

Keyword difficulty: KD is another important feature, and everyone needs it. But semrush keyword difficulty analysis is the final for our keyword research? I would say a big NO. 

Semrush has a unique way to identify the keyword difficulty, but it helps you find the low competition keyword, but still, you need to do your own analysis.

Identifying KD for a keyword is a big topic we will see in a separate post.

Generally, I used to go with KD less than 75% if I don’t have time to analyze. Otherwise, I will do a separate KD analysis for the keyword, which has a volume of more than 3000.

See my below filter setting.


Domain Analytics

Domain Analytics is another feature of semrush which helps to analyze your domain or competitor’s domains. 

For this tutorial, I took the domain for analysis purposes. After you search a website, Semrush displays the basic details about the website. 

asemrush domain overview

Authority Score is calculated based on the backlink of a domain. If the domain has a good backlink profile, then the score increases. For keyword analysis 

Organic Search Traffic show approximate traffic of a website getting from Search engines.

Backlinks show the number of backlinks refers to that domain. 

Now let see Organic search traffic of

semrush keyword containing

If you want to analyze an organic search traffic for a specific country, you can select from the top. This website has US, UK, AU, and more. If your targeting country is different, then you can change it from the drop-down.

As well as you can analyze desktop and mobile searches separately.

The down result shows the top keywords of the website, which produce high traffic for In this down result main thing, you need to focus on the position. If the website ranks from the second position, you can filter those keywords, and you can give special attention to it.

So using these features, you can improve your website where it’s ranking lower. (I.e., other than 1st position).

If you want to analyze a specific keyword, you can add the keyword in the filter. For example, I am adding “abs” in the filter.

Now Semrush shows the result for the keyword “abs.” In this result, you can see the 2 abs keyword, which is ranking 2nd and 5th page. So to rank for those keywords, we need to update the article around the abs keyword. This way, you can find the existing keyword ranking. 

semrush organic search

These are the few benefits of the semrush organic search. I will write a detailed post on that later


The backlink is very important for a website. You may have a question why should I see my website backlink because it’s my site. I should see only my competitor’s link. 

I also thought in that way but its a positive approach. Let think negatively. If your website has low quality or spam links, you can identify it in the backlinks page.

Semrush has a feature called backlink audit to identify spam links for the website. Once you find backlinks, you can do disavow those links in your GTM.

How to access the Semrush Backlink Audit tool?

Semrush Backlinks tab after searching your website, then click more and click “Go to Backlink Audit.”

You can export all the backlinks from semrush, and you can analyze manually if any spammy website linked to your site. 

Another important tab is the competitor’s tab under the backlink feature. Competitors tab shows the list of competitor’s site with competition level.

Topic Research

Topic Research is a new feature in semrush. This feature helps you to get content ideas on a topic. The result displays in four formats, i.e., cards, Explorer, Overview, and Mind Map.

This feature helps you to get content ideas for our website. I searched for “Facebook marketing.” I got lots of ideas with subtopics like Facebook messenger, Facebook lives, and so on.

The beauty of this feature suggests great heading also for your site and Questions. We already saw how to use questions (FAQ) to get high CTR in the search result.


Semrush Competitors Analysis (Spying)

Competitor analysis is one of the important parts of the SEO tool. A user buys an SEO tool to analyze his website, but more than that, they want to see their competitors.

Semrush good features to spy your competitors. Here we will see how to spy your website more efficiently. 

Competitors Analysis

Competitor analysis gives you complete details of your competitor website. It is like getting access to their google analytics account and Webmaster account.

Example: To show an example, I took a website called “” with a country like the US.

The first thing is the Authority score. Authority is an algorithm or method by Semrush to give the score to a site. In this case, it is 56, so its good authority website.

Organic Search and paid traffic give details about how much traffic the website gets from search engines and advertisements. 

Another important part is the backlinks. You can analyze and get the details backlinks of your competitor.

An important two-part in spying a website is to get information about traffic and backlinks to let you see a little deeper here.

Organic Search traffic:

On top, we have seen how to use filters, so look once again to be very useful.

From the filter, we can see do a lot, for example, for which keywords the website rank in the top position. Based on that, we can add content to our site or get the idea to write your content for the keywords.

 From the top, you can change the country and device type based on your requirement.

How to spy your website using Semrush? We have a detailed post on that. Please have a look.

High-level: In Organic research, you can see competitor positions for different keyword and how much traffic approximate are they getting for the page. 

Using those details, you can plan your content and get lots of information.

Bonus Tip: Your competitor may rank for a keyword (target) the main keyword in the top and some other related nontarget keyword. So analysis those nontarget keywords with good search volume and plan your content on that topic.

Note: Few latest keyword or pages will not be updated in Semrush. Don’t expect it would be up to date.

What is a nontarget keyword?

Firstsiteguide “start a blog” post rank for the keyword, i.e., that target keyword. The same page rank for few other keywords like “how to create a blog for free,” i.e., the nontarget keyword they didn’t rank for it, but they have ranked on the first page. 


From the pages tab, we can get the list of pages (or URLs) driving more traffic to that website. From this information, you can identify the rich pages of the site. 

You may ask what the use is for me?

Your website and competitors are good semrush authority score. For example, you have 40, and the competitor has 50. So if you are not targeting any of the competitors’ keywords, then you can find and devlop better content around those keyword, so you can easily rank for those keywords in search engines.

So from the pages tab, you can get that information like in which keywords he/she ranks, and you are not.

Note: Semrush’s authority score is not a global score for the website to compare and rank. It’s just a reference, so don’t carry away with that score. Here I am using it for reference. 


Competitors give your more competitor list. With the list, you can do the analysis again and again or each website and get lots of keyword or content ideas.

Other tabs are not much important for spying. It’s very useful for website analysis purposes, not for competitors analysis.


Backlinks are one of the key factors to rank your website. This feature is like seeing your competitor’s locker room like how much gold and coins he/she has. J Yes Gold backlinks and diamond backlinks. 

From the backlinks tab, you can see from which website your competitors have a link. Get your backlink list and remove the duplicates. 

The next important is to remove the website, which has less authority score. Why it might be some small website. First, we analyze the top websites.

Once you removed the low score websites, then next is an analysis of the top websites and find in which post or content they gave the backlink.

If you have similar content, then you can ask those website admins for a backlink. (Not like give me a link like that). There are different ways to outreach for that. You need to follow that.

If you don’t have the similar and it has good volume and worth for your website, then develop content near to that with the latest information and outreach the webmaster for backlinks.

Outreach is a unique art and needs lots of patience. So don’t expect everyone to give you backlink. Few ask for money, and few don’t reply. So if you have great content, then it would be easy.

Content is the King, to get the backlink queen.

Traffic Analytics

Traffic Analytics is like getting access to competitor’s Google webmaster. This gives lots of information about the traffic details of your competitor’s website.

  1. Traffic share in mobile and desktop.
  2. Traffic Sources like Direct, Search, and Social, and so on.
  3. Traffic by countries give details on which countries’ websites have how much traffic.
  4. Other information like visits, unique visitors, pages/visit, and bounce rate.

You can add your website and compare your traffic analytics with your competitor. Traffic Rank gives source information on which page website gets traffic.

Why should you purchase a semrush tool?

Semrush tool is a swiss knife for a blogger. It provides content ideas, keywords reports, and backlinks. With these reports, you can improve your site a lot. 

As a blogger, one point of time we are out of topic, in those times, this tool helps a lot to identify new topics. 

For beginners, this tool is a savior. You can do lots of research in your keyword and identify the easy keyword to rank and target those. So those easy keywords help you to rank and grow your website.

The main use of this tool is to spy your competitor site. With semrush, you can get access to their Google Analytics account. Yes, semrush provides you all report what you can get from GA of your competitor. With that report, you can outrank your competitor’s website in so many keywords.

Next is the competitor’s backlink profile. With semrush backlink analytics features, you can find the competitors backlink, and you approach those website owners for the guest post. So you can grab quality backlink easily.

Semrush is offering a free 14-day trial, so you can try this tool and explore all the features for free. Once you like, then you can go for a full plan.

Most of the things I have covered in this review, few things need deeper analysis I have created separate posts for that. Please check it. Now you may have a few questions you can ask in comments.

Semrush Pricing Plans.

Semrush has 3 plans like a pro, Guru, and business. Pro costs 100 USD per month. Guru cost 200 USD p.m. Business costs 400 USD pm. If you are going for annual, then the price will be reduced a little bit.

Details / PlansProGuruBusiness
Reports Per Day (No of Reports)300010000500
Result per Report5000300001500
Keywords to Crack10000500005000
Pages to Crawl Per Month / Project100K/20K300K / 20K1000K / 100K
Topics to ResearchLimitedUnlimitedUnlimited


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