Genesis Vs GeneratePress Theme Which is Better 2021 [Own Experience]


Genesis Theme is one of the good themes available in the market. It has a lot of sub-theme like magazine pro and so oon.

Generatepress is one of the prominent themes and most used theme in the WordPress world. It has lots of unique features.

In this post am going to compare Genesis Vs. GeneratePress completely and No-Nonsense Theory for word count sake.


Genesis Vs GeneratePress

Overview and Start point of themes

Genesis Studiopress first version was released on 2010-02-01. For nearly 10 Year this theme is available for WordPress users. Now the latest version is released on Sep 2020, i.e., 3.3.3.

Generatepress first version released in 2016 July and going to complete nearly 4 Yrs (2020). The latest version of Generatepress s 3.0.2 released in October 2020.

Studiopress doesn’t have the free version of the theme, but Generatepress has a free version with minimum features.

Genesis Feature Comparison

Genesis is one of the old themes available, as we know. At the same time, it has updated frequently, and it has all the latest features to fight with other themes in the market.

Customize Options

Compare to Generatepress, Genesis has fewer options to customize the theme. You can understand that from the below images. Generatpress has nearly ten option to edit, and genesis has only eight option to customize.

GeneratePress customize options
Genesis customize option


Breadcrumbs is one of the essential items for a website in terms of SEO. Genesis has an easy option to enable breadcrumbs in its theme. Generatepress doesn’t have a built-in option to allow breadcrumbs to.

In generatepress if you want to add breadcrumbs, you need a plugin. You don’t need a separate plugin; you can use GP hooks or Yoast or Rankmath to achieve it, and it is comfortable.

Editing Fonts and Color

Genesis doesn’t have the option to edit fonts or change the color of fonts easily. You need a child theme to do it. Generatepress has an attractive option to edit fonts, which I love it.

To use google fonts, you need to import google fonts in Genesis theme, but in Generatpress, you can it with a single click. GP provides lots of Google and system fonts options.

Header and Footer

Header and footer are one of the critical UI for the website. Both themes have a good title and footer by default. 

But editing the header and footer, like add an extra footer widget or removing it, is comfortable in Generatpress. Genesis doesn’t have the option to edit the footer.

To change the headers, Genesis doesn’t have any direct option you need to do in child theme by editing functions.php file or hooks for that.

Meta Data

Metadata is displaying necessary information about the post like author-date and categories. Each theme has a nice feature to display metadata in a single post.

So Generatepress has lots of easy option to customize your website, but in genesis, you need hooks or a small php function to do that.

Winner – Generatepress

Ease of Use

In Genesis, you need a plugin, or you need edit functions.php or Custom CSS code to modify any changes. In Generatepress, you have lots of easy option to change the same.

Example: If you want to add a font, GP provide lots of option, but in Genesis, you can get those options.

Site Library

What is a site-library? Site Library are a pre-built design with the content that can be easily installed on your website and you can use.

Example Menu, Logo placement, setting header, footer those kinds of tasks will take a long time. For beginners to do this is very difficult, and to overcome this issue, the WordPress theme has an option called site library. You can select and install a site library from a different option and delete the unnecessary content or dummy content from import.

GP has lots of readymade sites with site builders like elementor, Beaver, and without any. In genesis, while buying the theme, you can choose what kind of theme you need.

I am using genesis magazine pro theme, and its very helpful full of amazon affiliate websites. It has a beautiful home page layout and single-page layout.

GP has many site libraries, which you can use for a service site like a doctor, photography. If you want to use it for affiliate sites, its Home page is not useful. Yes, it has very bad in that. I have tried most of the GP theme option, but nothing has good themes monetizing sites.

Genesis Vs GeneratePress site lib

In this case, you need a site builder like elementor Pro required in GP to design your home page.

Winner – Generatepress


Support is one of the important for new and experienced. Both Genesis and Generatepress provide adequate help. But I feel Generatepress has an excellent support forum.

Generatepress provides support until your license is active. For example, if you have the license for two years, you can get help for two years.

In Generatepress, you don’t need separate support. You can get answers for all of your queries without login that is great in their support forum.

Winner – Generatepress

Which is Popular Generatepress or Genesis?

In the initial days, the Studiopress genesis theme was so popular wordpress theme. After 2018 Generatepress became quite popular in wordpress themes. In the below image, you can create the google trends of both themes.

Genesis Vs GeneratePress popularity

Genesis is in the market for such a long time, and many WP sites are running with it. Even though it’s not trending, Studiopress Genesis is one of the most used WordPress themes.

Genesis and Generatepress are on the top list of most widely used wordpress themes.

We should not worry much about who is famous. We should give importance to how its helpful and beneficial.

Winner – Tie

Speed Test on Generatepress vs. Genesis?

Speed is an essential feature we need to check before buying a WP theme. Now we are going to perform the speed test between both the themes.

  • I Installed WPRocket, and first, I will do the test in the genesis theme.
  • I installed the genesis theme with other 15+ plugins like i2 pros, tablepress, Gutenberg, etc. 
  • I created a dummy article with a table, pros, and cons, image using Gutenberg blocks.
  • I will do the same test in both themes, and only the themes change apart from all other settings.
  • I configured the WPRocket plugin and cleared the cache, and opened the post manually before doing the test.
  • After that, I ran the test in Google page speed insights and Pingdom. You can see the result details below for the Genesis theme.

In Pagespeed, the mobile score is so bad, as you can see in the result. In Pingdom, the load time is 782 ms, which is not bad. Now let’s do the same thing in Generatepress.

Genesis Vs GeneratePress speed test

I Installed Generatepress and GP premium themes. After installing the basic site library and I ran the test and the below result.

Genesis Vs GeneratePress speed test

Both plugins are giving good speed. You no need to worry about speed before purchasing these themes.

Winner – TIe

Pros and Cons of GeneratePress

  • Ease of Use or Easy Customize Option to Design.
  • Regular Updates.
  • Speed and SEO compatibility.
  • Great Support.
  • Unlimited Site License.
  • No great Home Page Design.

Pros and Cons of Genesis

  • Life Time Updates
  • Speed and Seo compatibility.
  • Layout Option and Great Home Page Designs.
  • Requires Lots of plugin
  • To Customize need to edit code
  • No Great Support forum
  • Need to buy separate child theme
  • Pricing and Money Back Guarantee

Pricing and Money Back Guarantee.

The Price of the Studiopress genesis theme is 59.95 USD. Next, you need to buy a Genesis Child theme that costs around you 100 USD. So nearly you need to spend 160 USD initially.

Generatepress cost you 59USD for 1 Year. You need to install the free Generatepress theme and install the GP premium plugin after purchasing.

Genesis theme is a one-time purchase, and Generatepress required renewal. The renewal cost of GP is around 27USD every year.

Both Generatepress and Genesis are providing 30 days money-back guarantee. So you no need to worry for 30 Days after purchase.



In SEO and Speed, both GP and Genesis perform . In ease of use and customization, GP performs very well, and Genesis failed.

After analyzing and using a few WordPress themes on my site, I strongly recommend Generatepress to everyone. Its easy to use, support, and ease of customization. If you are a developer and budget is not an issue, then go for Genesis theme.

Share which theme you are going to buy in the comments.

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